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NJ 7 Bowling

Tired and bust up from a long week of teaching in Jiangning, we made for the bowling alley at Sunny Plaza near Baijiahu Station of a Sunday evening. Arms were flexed, tonnage selected and we wound up heavy salvos to clatter, veer and careen at pins, which leered at us with a clown's toothy smile. The boss-man arrived just in time to give us much needed tips - keep a flat-hand, find your special dot of entry. Sometimes we were even on target. Bowling shoes squeaked, some of us shrieked, others cussed. Barriers were requested, and the wooden floors gleamed. Another round, we called. And then another. A spent bunch of teachers finding great release in the alleys, enjoying a laugh and the camaraderie. Thanks Timmo! These alley cats will be back for more.

By Nicolette — NJ 7

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