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NJ 5 Yunnan Trip

What made Yunnan such a memorable province? For one, coming there in the middle of January was such a welcome reprieve from Nanjing’s winter. Yunnan presented us with mountainous landscapes and weather 20 degrees warmer than Nanjing’s. Once we got to the bus to go to the hotel, our tour guide wasted no time explaining the history and customs of the province. Two surprising facts I learned is that Yunnan is made up of more than 10 indigenous tribes and that you cannot comb your hair in a moving vehicle. Who knew?

Our days in Yunnan always started at 8 am as we embarked on many trips to our many destinations. One of the most memorable destination was our horse ride up a mountain to see a waterfall. It was my first riding a horse. The horses were short but what they lack in stature, they made up for with stamina. I named mine Marse and he was such a good horse. Another memorable moment was our trek up to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Prior to arriving at the foot of the mountain, we stopped at a place that sold canisters of oxygen. I thought our tour guide was just exaggerating about the thin air up the mountain but boy, was I wrong. The mountain was scaffold with stairs which made the climb straightforward, but the thin air made it so difficult. With sheer determination, however, I powered through and made it all the way up!

By Michael - NJ 5

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