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NJ 3 Spa Day

Our first teambuilding event in the year of the Pig. Spaaaa Daaay!!!!

As scheduled, Jay planned an amazing evening of food, fun and relaxation. After the complementary subway ticket that I received from my student for forgetting my subway card, we headed to the Spa, where we were relieved of our shoes and separated into different dressing rooms. 

Much to our surprise, as we were still adjusting to the idea of our soon to be awkward experience of bringing co-workers closer together. Ahem. The first thing we saw upon walking in was to find our lockers, much like the band, were several Bare Naked Ladies. I have been in a Chinese Spa before so it was no surprise, but for Macy it was a shock. As we averted our eyes, the stares had already begun, Aurora* had already disappeared, leaving the rest of us, a quick agreement to avoid any awkwardness we disrobed as a team.

Much to our disdain of being ‘The Naked Foreigners’, we inquired about robes but the employees informed us that there weren’t any and that we have to be completely naked and bathe in a communal shower before entering the baths. A quick hot shower while being stared at through unstained glass. We proceeded to the drying area where we were given ‘Relaxation Rompers’ some plain, others flowery, mine red and blue (Hawaiian) print like I was on a beach in Honolulu.

After waiting for the guys to finish their half scrub, the rest of us walked into the restaurant area squealing at the chocolate fountain. The rest of the group arrived late but we proceeded to devour almost everything in the buffet area up until they closed. Some eating with different things in both hands. There was a mix of sweet, spicy, savoury, western, as well Chinese dishes. There was also Ice-cream much to everyone’s delight. A quick snap of a selfie and the night continued.

A little side story, Macy excused herself for a little nap in one of the resting caves, while we were still eating. But she soon returned and complained of a specific cave smelled like constant fart.

The group separated to massage tables, steaming rooms, a cold room and some massage chairs. As each person had their fill and were relaxed to a point of missing their bed. People slowly dripped away and went home. The boiling hot springs bath after my nap in a cave is what did me in. After a relaxing evening I, and probably everyone else had delightful sleep feeling like a marshmallow floating on a cloud. All around a fun night, looking forward to the team building next month!

By Jay - NJ 3

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