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NJ 1 Xi'an Trip

On the bucket list you have when you come to China, the terracotta warriors are definitely at the top. So I don’t need to say that when I was told we were going to Xi’an to visit them, I was pretty happy. We left for the trip on Monday morning, and arrived in Xi’an in the early afternoon, going straight to the world famous site. The terracotta warriors were amazing to see, the detail and magnitude of the site is genuinely impressive. Each warrior with its own face and story, with the backdrop of the emperor who began the project made for an amazing story to be taken through. Thousands upon thousands of stone men, each weighing up to 400 kilos all created to protect an emperor in the afterlife? What’s not to like.

 Shortly after the museum we returned to the city to enjoy the traditional food streets where you would see food you’ve never imagined. Mash potato rice? Check. Strange tofu machinations? Check. And on top of that we went to see the Muslim quarter of the city, famous for its vibrant and unique food culture and spirit. Amazing lamb and sesame snacks everywhere, we had a great time.

The next day, we visited Huashan, a mountain famous for it’s beauty and history. Steep cliffs on every side as well as ancient temples, it truly is a site to see. Though the cable car on the way up is not for the faint hearted, I saw a few pale faces on the way up! After a long day of hiking in one of the most beautiful places I’ve been, we sat down to enjoy the famous regional noodle, bang bang mien. Long and pounded flat like lasagna strips and laden with flavor, it was a good feed.  Finally, we went for a good night of EF on the town before getting ready to fly the next day.

Great trip with great people, definitely a part of the EF calendar to be excited for.

By Ben — NJ 1

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