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NJ 5 Games and Fajita Night

Games and Fajita Night!

For our first team building of 2019 we wanted to do something that would bring the whole school together and would keep us under budget for future events. One of our teachers, Alieya, offered to host a party at her house and make food for all the guests. She made yummy chicken and vegetarian fajitas, chicken wings, and popcorn. Other guests brought drinks and other snacks. CCs, PAs, and teachers all came!

We played a game affectionately known as, “fish bowl”. Players are divided into teams and given paper to write nouns and adjectives on. Then all the words are put into a bowl. This game has three rounds. In the first round, players from each team pull words from the bowl and talk around that word without saying the word. In the second round, players from each team act out the word. In the final round, players can only say one word to get their team to guess. They are not allowed to use any body language in the final round. During each individual’s turn, they have one minute to get their team to guess as many words as they can. One word guessed equals one point. The team with the most points at the end of the three rounds wins.

By Charlie and Rita - NJ 5

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