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EF Nanjing Annual Party

EF Nanjing Annual Party

When I was invited to be one the hosts of the Nanjing EF annual party 2018, I was thrilled, but I also felt pressure since I had only been with EF for 10 months, and center managers of each school and the EF president all attended this party.

Before the annual party, another three hosts and I discussed what we should wear to fit the party theme---imagining the year 2065, which was not easy. We thought about dressing and acting like the old, but we decided to be formal in the end. The girls were in glitter, and sparkly, long dresses, and the boys were wearing suits. Of course, we looked amazing. Some teachers made their own accessories, some of them dressed like aliens, and others looked like they were characters from Star Wars. Thinking about what you should wear for the party is kind of exciting for everyone. We believe that you look like how you actually feel no matter how old you are. Attitude is everything.

The annual party was held in the fanciest hotel in Nanjing, and that was more than everyone’s expectation. There are eight EF schools in Nanjing, and over 200 employees work for EF. It was interesting to chat with someone you had never seen before who worked behind the scenes, such as ITs, HR staff, etc. Besides, the annual party not only brought all EF colleagues together, but also gave teachers a chance to show their hidden talents. You might know EF teachers are good at teaching, but you don’t know they are professional at dancing, singing, even acting. When you work around those talented and hilarious people, your life won’t be dry.

It was not an annual party without rewards and red envelopes when the Chinese new year was approaching. At the beginning of the party, center managers sang a Chinese song to thank all EF colleagues’ hard work in the past year. They threw the red envelopes in the sky, filling them with some money, which caused a small chaos. The rewards included, iPads, iWatches, Macs, Beats headphones, EF suitcases, and wine; EF was so so generous to the 2018 annual party budget. Whenever the host announced the honoured colleagues, they all jumped off their chairs and rushed to the stage. Some excellent staff won more than one award, which is a big encouragement for their future career at EF.

The most fun part was after the party, the EF crowed went to our bases, Poets and Secco. After a fantastic annual party and delicious food, all we needed was a bit more drinking!

By Nora - NJ 1

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