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NJ 6 Chongqing Trip

Excited to be going on a trip to another city in China, I asked some local staff what was the best thing to do in Chongqing. Their answer: eat lots of spicy food! This city, and even the province, is known for its deliciously spicy food.

We left Nanjing early Monday morning after I nearly missed the flight, and our Central Manager (CM) having actually done so. We arrived in Chongqing before lunch, even our CM who hopped on the next flight. We had a bus pick us up from the airport to take us to our hotel so we could get settled in and the exploring could begin. Our first plan of action was to head for lunch. Luckily we had a few restaurants across from our hotel, and of course we had to first try what this city is most known for: hotpot. Hotpot in Chongqing is great; super spicy but a tasty kind of spicy. For the folks who don’t handle spice so well, don’t worry, there are non-spicy options too.

Late afternoon, we ventured via walking and Chongqing’s beautiful metro system to an area of Chongqing called Ciqikou: a bustling area with many little trinket and food shops all along the streets. The best thing to compare it to is Nanjing’s Fuzimiao area. There were so many things to see and try here. A few new things tried were pig brain and rabbit. Pretty good actually! After an afternoon of exploring the streets of Ciqikou, we made our way back to the hotel. We needed rest as the next day would be an early start.

Tuesday morning, we had to be up and ready to leave by 7am. A mini bus picked us up in front of the hotel to take us for a tour to Wulong Tiankeng & Difeng mountain area to see the beautiful mountains. Admittedly after hearing it would be a 3 hour ride there and a 3 hour ride back at the end of the day, a few of us wondered if it would be worth it. It definitely was! 

The mountains were absolutely beautiful, a literal breath of fresh air due to all the trees and beautiful vegetation around us. We spent the day walking in a sort of valley between the mountains—such a picturesque place. I was excited to find out that apparently some of the Transformer 4 movie filming was done here, as well as many Chinese movies and TV shows. After a long hot day of walking and, of course, talking many photos, we headed back to the city. The tour bus dropped us all off at Hongyadong for a beautiful night view of the city. We walked around and through the building. It was filled with so many interesting little shops selling food or souvenir-type things, as well as many fruit and ice cream stores. There were also what I thought of as a little odd, little shops with massage-type chairs, where people can go and sit to relax and have someone clean out your ears. I was told that it was a very comfortable and somewhat satisfying experience.

The next day, Wednesday, was our last day. We all had the morning free and could explore or relax as we wanted. After sleeping in, myself and a few others went to find some ‘street food’. We had many snacks and some of the Chinese staff graced us with rabbit heads as a snack. I had to say no thanks; they look super freaky with their teeth and all sticking out. We all met up at hotel to wait for the bus to take us to the airport. We bid the hot and beautiful Chongqing farewell.

By Robyn — NJ6

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