My football experience has always been amongst the youth.  I grew up in a community where the youth were the only individuals  who were actively playing football.   I came to China and it was such a different experience! Here you see both young people and elderly people actively running around the field; kicking the ball.  So interesting and amazing!

I enjoy playing football and I take it as a hobby, so I usually go to the field in yunanlu to join Chinese players on my off days. I remember at first I thought the language barrier would be my biggest challenge if I were to join the football community at yunanlu. However, it turned out to be one of my greatest experiences in China! The players there are so welcoming and they make you feel at home as a foreigner.  Despite the language barrier, when we are in the field, football becomes our language.  We communicate with the ball.


It is an interesting and fun experience for me! Having to play football with the youth, together with the older generation who amazingly display a sign of physical fitness. Also, despite the language barrier in China , one is able to engage in activities he likes in a welcoming and enjoyable manner!

By Njabulo NJ1

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