The City of Education

Few cities in Asia are known for their educational prestige as Nanjing, making it a fantastic city to come teach in. Consistently rated in the top 100 student cities (88th in the world, 17th in Asia, and 3rd in China as of 2018), Nanjing is home to many high-quality universities and research institutes. For instance, Nanjing University has an extremely long and rich history and is among the world’s top 10 universities as ranked by the Nature Index in 2016. The university is also a member of the elite C9 League of Chinese universities, which is their version of Ivy League universities, as well as being known to be the most selective university in China. With over thirty institutions of higher learning, the city also boasts a significant student population, so large that the ratio of college students to total population ranks #1 among major Chinese cities. When you come to Nanjing, you are coming to a city full of both educators and students so no matter who you are, you are sure to fit in.

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