EF Nanjing Academic Management Team Flowchart

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Senior Directors of Study


Emily Dunhill

School 3 & 5 Senior Director of Studies

Emily joined Nanjing EF in 2012 as a foreign teacher at school 1. There she worked as a teacher for a couple of years before moving to Senior Teacher and eventually DoS position. She currently oversees the academic departments in school 3 and school 5. She's been involved with most of the school openings and is always happy to help out at the other schools.


Nelson Canario

School 4 & 7 Senior Director of Studies

Nelson has been working with EF since 2010, in four different cities, three different business units and in two different countries. His career path from New Teacher to Senior Director of Studies has given him a thorough understanding of EF from a broad perspective. Nelson is someone who embodies the EF core values of ‘Passion’ and ‘Nothing is Impossible’. Additionally, he holds an International Diploma for Language Teaching Management from the University of Queensland.


Directors of Study and Associate Directors of Study


Christopher Olford

School 1 Director of Studies

Chris graduated as a Mechanical Engineer in the summer of 2014. He did not expect that 5 years later he would be in China, married, and running a school as a DoS for a prestigious company such as EF. He started off as a regular teacher in Nanjing 1 and through a lot of training, hard work and patience he progressed through the tiers as a Senior teacher, ADoS and finally DoS. The best part of the job for him is to see the progress of both the teachers and the students and seeing the difference education can make to all people.


Daniel Cummins

School 2 Associate Director of Studies

Daniel began his EF career in 2015 and since then has used his knowledge of language and business management, gained in university, to become the Associate Director of Studies of NJ2. Continuing along this path and gathering more experience and understanding, Daniel has always striven for superb teaching quality and service in his school. Daniel believes that strong teamwork is essential and as such always pushes for his staff to become the best at what they do, driving his team towards their professional development along with his own.


Crystal Qiu

School 4 Associate Director of Studies

Crystal has been with EF NanJing for 5 years. She started off her career as a Progress Advisor but always had the passion to be a teacher. After six months and a demo class, she became a teacher. She is hard working and always passionate about teaching as well as improving herself. After showing her skills with solid teaching, mentoring and organization, she was promoted to senior teacher, marketing supervisor, ADoS and is on her way to become Nanjing’s first local DoS. EF is a place full of opportunities and growth, and she is so proud to be a part of this company.


Thomas Arnold

School 6 Associate Director of Studies

T.J. studied Chinese for over 8 years, 4 of which in Nanjing, during which he finished his degree in Chinese at Nanjing University, and in the process acquired a great love of foreign languages. Through this hobby he has been able to translate his love of Chinese into a means of helping young learners fall in love with English.


Shayne Dent

School 8 Associate Director of Studies

Shayne has been with EF Nanjing for over two and a half years and is currently the head of the Teaching Department at School 8 in Xianlin. Shayne started his career at EF as a teacher at School 1 in Xinjiekou. He was promoted into a Senior Teacher position where he worked as part of the School 1 team to develop new teachers as well as head other projects around the school. He has grown alongside EF Nanjing, as EF Nanjing has grown from two schools to eight he has grown from being a teacher to leading teachers at a newly opened school.



School 1 Associate Director of Studies

Candy has been working at EF for six years and nothing makes her happier than seeing her students smile. She always tries her best to let them learn as well as have fun in her classes. Her motto is ‘Open the world through education’.



School 5 Associate Director of Studies

Iris has been working at EF Nanjing for 5 years, before that she used to teach in Europe, which was a wonderful experience in her life and where she found that teaching was her calling! While working in EF, she always thinks there is no such thing as "it’s not my job", this way she can co-operate with different departments smoothly. The best thing that EF gives her is when she finds herself stuck, there is always someone to help and support her and people rarely take no for an answer. She feels so lucky to be an EFer.